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Urs Ajmer Sharif 2018 : All you need to know

URS is celebrated every year at the tomb of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Holy Ajmer Sharif Dargah, recalling his holy symbolic reunion with God. Thousand of pilgrims from all over the world gather during the festival at Ajmer Sharif Dargah to pay homage to holy saint who was the founder of Chishtiya Sufi Order in India.

Urs is celebrated in the seventh month of the Islamic Lunar calendar, from 1st to 6th day of Rajab. During the festival, which hosts the largest Muslim fair of India, the lakeside town of Ajmer Sharif comes alive and the Dargah is washed with rosewater and decorated with silk embroidery clothes.

Pilgrims Devotees from all over the world come and do offerings of flowers, sandalwood paste, Loban, Chaddars, money and votive offerings carrying them on their heads to the burial tomb. Listed below is all you need to know about reaching there and schedule of URS festival 2018.

How to reach Ajmer Sharif:-

Nearest International Airport is Jaipur and New Delhi.One can reach Ajmer from Jaipur or Delhi by Bus, Train or Road easily in 7 hours and 2 hours respectively.

URS 2018 Schedule:-

  • 14th March 2018 (25th Jamdul Sahani) – Flag hosting ceremony after Asar Namaz 6:00 PM IST.
  • 19th March 2018 (1st of Rajab) – URS starts, Jannat Darwaza opens, the first Gusal will start after Isha Namaz and Mehfil-e-sama will start.
  • 23rd March 2018 (5th of Rajab) – Namaz-e-Jumma
  • 24th March 2018 (6th of Rajab) – Chatte Sharif (Upon sighting of Moon), the main day of URS, Jannati Darwaza will be closed, coul fathe at 1:00 PM after Zohar prayer.
  • 27th March 2018 ( 9th of Rajab) – Last day of URS Bara Qul Day,main fathe and dua at 9:00 AM. Devotees of Khwaja Saheb will wash the Dargah Sharif


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