Chadarposhi and Tabarruq

    all the devotees of Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz who want to make a Ziarat (pilgrimage) to the holy Sufi Shrine in Ajmer Shareef; chadarposhi is done on the behalf of you and Tabarruq is provided to the Devotee at their door step


    Chiragha is a strategy of enlightening the dargah/sacred place of worship at sunset with expound courses of action and a very much characterized method. It is performed day by day on all dargahs just before the Maghrib petition. Spreading light at such profound spots is a honorable activity and the same is finished by following the ceremonies beneath:

    Initial, an agardani having scented sticks with little bits of aloe-wood is brought and put by a khadim amidst the external railings of the Shrine.

    In the meantime, four vast light holders (Shamadaans) are likewise kept in a corner, almost confronting the Agardani.

    Before long, four khadims, one by one possess the empty place close to these Shamadaans, confronting the Shrine showing that they have maintained whatever authority is needed to lift these Shamadaans on their heads for the coming service.

    At long last, the primary khadim grasping the single lit flame, lights every other candle of the shamadans, that are raised over the heads by the holding up Khadims after which the aqeedatmands are permitted to light their flame and the entire Shrine is enlightened